diy: tom binns necklace

 I was going through my jewelry box the other day and found the necklace that I wore to my prom. Unfortunately, since it was made out of very inexpensive materials some parts oxidized and turned black and green. However, the piece has so much sentimental value that I knew I had to find a way to wear it again. 
Do You Lilac It?, Make Mine Mango, Turning Heads Red, Elephantastic Pink
 I searched around for something to cover up the discoloration and thought nail polish would do the trick just fine. So I grabbed a few complimentary colors and started dabbing a little onto the stones.

In ten minutes I wound up with this. I'm really satisfied with the design and I love how I was able to keep such a nostalgic piece but also add a bit of fun and whimsy to it.

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