scalloped lace shorts

I was cleaning out my closet and was about to donate a pair of old jeans when I realized that I could repurpose it into something I would actually wear and thus this DIY was born! These shorts have both a lace print and scalloped edging which I think makes it pretty unique. Here's how I did it...
You will need:
  • a pair of jeans
  • lace
  • newspaper (for protecting your work space)
  • spray paint in your choice of color- I chose black because my denim is a bit on the darker side but I think white would look amazing on lighter shades, or you could do something fun like neon or metallic! 
  • some rocks (for holding the lace in place)
  • pencil 
  • scissors
  • round object (not pictured)

Step 1
Lay out newspapers so you don't get spray paint everywhere, and place your jeans (buttoned and zipped) on top. Working outside is probably best, or somewhere ventilated because inhaling pounds of spray paint fumes is not very fun.
**Another note: definitely try and make the jeans as flat as possible. Iron them if necessary, especially if they are an older pair. I did not do this and where there were a lot of folds the design did not come out very cleanly.
Step 2
Pull the lace pretty taut across your jeans and secure in place with some rocks. I'm just making shorts so I didn't cover the whole pair but if you're not making shorts cover the jeans completely. 
Step 3
Spray paint away! Get a nice even coat and then wait a couple of minutes for it to dry.
Step 4
Remove the rocks and lace, and you should have a nice lace pattern.
Step 5
Flip over and repeat steps 1-4 on the back
Step 6
If you want scalloped shorts proceed with these steps but if you just wanted to make jeans you're finished! I laid a pair of shorts that are the perfect length for me on top as a reference for cutting my new shorts.
Step 7
Using a round object (I used the lid of a spice jar) trace scallops across the leg.
Step 8
Once you have finished tracing, carefully cut through both layers of denim.
And your'e done! I'm really pleased with the way they turned out although I do wish I ironed the jeans before spray painting. I think it's a fun twist on the typical lace or scalloped short. I'll do a post soon on how I style these. Enjoy!

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