diy: anthropologie bedding

anthropologie cirrus diy
After graduating college I decided my room needed a bit of a makeover and I figured bedding would make the biggest impact in my room, and thus this ruffled duvet is born! I didn't post any instructions since there are so many other Anthropologie cirrus diys out there, although I did make a couple of modifications.
  • I tried the basting method but I found it pretty difficult to do, especially on such a long piece of fabric. The thread was difficult to pull and would sometimes break.
  • An easier method was measuring a piece of elastic to the same length as the width of the comforter and then stretching it across and when you sew ruffles automatically appear!
  • I also made 6 panels instead of 8 since I have a twin-sized bed and I felt 8 might look a little overwhelming.
When I was browsing the Anthropologie website I saw this really gorgeous mint colored one that I wanted to recreate but when shopping around I couldn't find green sheets that I loved, and after a previous terrible dying experience (I tried to dye a dress black but it turned out a grayish-purply color) I decided to settle on a lilac, lavender color. I do love the color, but it is a little young looking, as in it makes my room look a little like a girl's room. Nonetheless I still really love it, but now I know why purple isn't on their website.

I hope these tips were helpful for you and good luck on making your ruffled duvet cover!

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