altoids tin jewelry box

 Every time I finish a box of Altoid's I never know what to do with the leftover tin. It seems to nice to toss in the trash so instead they remain in my room collecting dust. I decided to turn them into something practical so I gave it a few coats of paint and turned it into this. It's perfect for storing earrings and bracelets but I currently use mine to store various hair pins and barrettes.
 You'll need an empty Altoids tin, some acrylic paint, paintbrushes and some rhinestones. I painted the lid with two coats of pink paint and the base with two coats of champagne paint. Afterwards I freehanded some flowers and hot glued a rhinestone onto the center. And an optional step would be to add a piece of felt on the inside to protect your jewelry from damage.
Feel free to create any design or customize it any way you want. 

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