crochet accessories part 2

So in addition to crocheted hair accessories I also made some floral pins. You can use any pattern but roses are my favorite (I used a pattern similar to this) so I made a wide variety and decorated them with ribbons, pearls, chains, beads and a variety of other materials.
You don't have to make just flowers either, I also made a butterfly (like this one) and a star (not pictured here). Feel free to be creative and adorn it any way you want.
For the backing of the flowers I just cut out a piece of felt and poked two holes into it. I then inserted a safety pin into the two holes and hot glued the felt to the back.
If you don't want to use hot glue you can also sew the safety pin onto the back. The backing is not as visible with the method, but it is a little bit more time consuming. 
You can attach these accessories to your bag, scarf, hat or anywhere you want.
I think these accessories add some fun and color to plain bags and garments. Hopefully these inspire you too! Enjoy!

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