crochet hair accessories

The crochet trend has been super popular this summer so I'd thought I'd put my own spin on this trend. I am only a novice so I didn't want to get into any project that was more than I could handle. I decided to start small and make some accessories, and that's how I came up with these flowers. I got my patterns from this book but I'm sure you can find tons of similar patterns online. 
I actually used embroidery floss instead of yarn and a size 4 crochet needle so they would be nice and tiny. I used a flower pattern that I found in a book, but any pattern would work. After I finished crocheting I hot glued a pearl in the center to add some glamour and elegance.
Then flip the flower over and hot glue a bobby pin onto the back, and it's ready to be worn! These only took me about 20- 30 minutes to make, so it's a really quick and easy project. You can wear a sole flower or a cluster of them. I think they would be cute either way.
And for those that prefer headbands, you can make those too! Here I made two roses, one slightly larger than the other, and several leaves. I also hot glued some rhinestones into the center of the rose, but you could also use pearls like earlier if you prefer. Then I just arranged the leaves and roses into an arrangement I liked and hot glued them into place. Enjoy and have fun! 

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